– Professor Christine P. Dancey. School of Psychology, University of East London, United Kingdom

In her inspirational book, “You Can Be Richer Than Your Parents” Patricia shows how you too can achieve success 

-Daniel Priestly

We all have a deep fear that our past will limit our future and that there is a glass ceiling on our success. Patricia in here book shatters the glass ceiling with real world magic in the form of stories and strategies that will remove any doubts from you that anything that you truly want to achieve is possible for you. 

Young and Influential is an excellent approach to motivating today’s young people to translate vision into reality. It is a superb representation of what our society needs to generate growth and development in our future leaders represented in today’s young people. Patricia is an expert at motivating, encouraging, and inspiring others. This is a tremendous work not to be missed.  

-Morgan Ford Owner, Red Oar Writing, Inc.  


Patricia provides practical inspiration and guidance for living, in her book that will change your life. 

Tracey-Ann Colin Dixon Chebib, Le Memoire Bakery Limited United Kingdom 

 Young people often need some guidance which their parents and family members may not be able to provide in a structured form. “Young and influential” have a comprehensive step by step guide which distinguishes itself from others by its innovative method, clear layout and motivating language. This small but dense book full of useful and practicable tips will prove a valuable companion to those young people who wish to accomplish their dreams.  

-Dr Richard Kuba 

 Researcher and Curator University of Frankfurt Germany 

Patricia Ikiriko does a thorough job in explaining clearly from first principles how to get into the right frame of mind for studying and the practical steps one should take to achieve one’s goals, including tips about time management, self-belief, self-responsibility and learning styles.  

-Catherine O’Brien PhD Cambridge University UK 

I believe strongly that Patricia’s programme will make a change in many lives.  

-Mrs Iberie Addey, Senior Business Consultant, International Business Machines Corporation, IBM United Kingdom (UK) 

Patricia Ikiriko’s book “The Successful Student” is primarily a study guide aimed at undergraduate students, students aspiring to gain admission into the tertiary institutions, and every major stakeholder who has vested interest in improving the academic achievement of the present generation. It provides basic insight on some hidden psychological factors such as fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor self-efficacy and external locus of control which militate against students’ academic achievement and proffers realistic techniques such as  

SMARTS, BREAKS, and ACADEMIC SUCCESS TIPS among others as relevant solutions to combat these psychological maladies. Decision + Determination + Hard work = Distinction, is a great formulae of success to internalize. 

-Dr Chinelo Ugwu, Counselling Psychologist, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria 

I found Patricia’s book “The Successful Student” very interesting, up to date and informative. It is very beneficial especially for all formal learners and teachers in a learning process and career planning. It discusses internal and external factors that affect a learning process and their solution. It also develops confidence in students to achieve their goals. At least it encourages me in my studies.  

-Sadia Aleem, University of Bedfordshire, Department of Psychology Research Student, LU1 3JU, UK 

Patricia provided a “must-read” book for everyone desiring to be successful at whatever they choose to do – (be it learning, studying or accomplishing any given tasks) because of the practical tips and life changing techniques it provides at every chapter. 

-Eric I. Ekwe, BSc (Hons); MBA; PGD; MSc – Tech Mgmt. CASSIDIAN. 

So many things I thought ‘I cannot do’ become ‘things I might be able to do’. I believe that taking responsibility for your learning, after reading this wonderful book, cannot be very difficult anymore!! This book provided necessary background information and offered solutions to replace bad study habits and apply the new one to the real world. Only six steps between moving from your drawbacks old habits to the outstanding new habits … Find them now inside this book!! 

-Saleh Alkhathami, University of Bedfordshire Department of Psychology Research Student 

Patricia’s  book “The Successful Student” is an invaluable aid because it is simple, easy to read and practical. It tells you not only ‘what’ to do but ‘how’ to excel as a student. 

-Gbenga Apampa Vice President (Sustainable Development) TOTAL Head Office. Paris. France 

Looking for what you need to become self-confident, and ultimately successful? Becoming Self-Confident will show you exactly how. The author, who is very experienced with motivating young people to become their best in life, approaches the work of the book with immense passion. One of the remarkable features is the use of helpful illustrations and memorable words of wisdom (quotes) to re-enforce the points being made. I therefore give my strong recommendation to this book and trust that it would be a source of great blessings to all who read it. 

-Dr Marcus Chilaka, PhD Principal Consultant GHEM Consultants Stoke-on-Trent United Kingdom    

Patricia’s book Becoming Self-Confident helps you to change your lifestyle with creative techniques, exercises and tips that will teach you all you need to know in order to successfully build your confidence and live life feeling strong. It will enable you to smash through those barriers and limited beliefs that you have about yourself so you can move forward with your life. It will show you how being self-confident can help you succeed at anything. Don’t have a lot of time to spare? Don’t worry. The book is divided into short sections, each one devoted to a particular principle that is well illustrated with many practical examples.  

-Bibi Apampa Life Coach & Wealth Strategist The Empowerment Centre Ltd United Kingdom    

The book is very helpful to all young people, however self-confident or successful they are, as it opens up many questions they can ask themselves to find out how confident they are, and if they are maximising their potential for success. The book is very well structured and easy to read; and it provides valuable help to all those who read it.  

-Edd Hopewell, Student The Leys School Cambridge Cambridgeshire United Kingdom    

The practice of researching into any issue is the sure-way to success for the present and future generations. For without following laid-down steps in addressing issues, we will merely be groping in the dark while attempting to solve any problem. This book is a well thought-out approach in this direction and a must-read. 

Ogbonda Uchie Joyce Researcher in the School of the Built Environment University of Salford Manchester United Kingdom    

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